About weetapoona Aboriginal Corporation

The weetapoona Aboriginal Corporation is a group of local Tasmanian Aboriginal people who work toward ‘reconciliation’. This is achieved by forming positive working relationships with local community groups to promote Tasmanian Aboriginal culture.

Although the wAC acts as the cultural advisory body to the Indigenous Land Corporation on issues of Tasmanian Aboriginal culture and heritage with regard to Murrayfield Station on Bruny Island, the scope of the wACs work goes much further. 

The weetapoona Aboriginal Corporation:

  • protects areas of special significance - land with cultural and heritage values;
  • provides Aboriginal cultural experiences for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students;
  • works closely with Murrayfield Farm Management on land management issues;

  • conducts activities which promotes greater knowledge and understanding of Tasmanian Aboriginal culture and;
  • promotes a sense of community by providing opportunities for Tasmanian Aboriginal people to come together to practice and celebrate their culture.